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Joseph Theroux grew up in northern Minnesota among the woods, lakes and rivers. Where the Mississippi is just a creek, a little ribbon of clean, clear water winding through the bogs and forests. When he was about 11 years old he would ride his bike to a nearby lake, then make his way down the steep bank to a legendary trail that cut deep and narrow into the hillside. Out of the eroded earth he would dig lumps of gray, gritty, clay, then carry it home in a plastic bucket and build pots and small figure sculptures in his back yard. 

Theroux continued to work with clay and to explore sculpture for almost thirty years, somewhere in that time frame learning Photography as well. Educated in Fine Art and Art Education at Bemidji State University and the University of Minnesota, he later earned a degree in Graphic Design from Hennepin Tech in Minneapolis. In the early to mid nineties,Theroux worked as a Bronze Founder and Sculptor for J A & M Studios in Blaine Minnesota. JA&M cast bronze for sculptors worldwide. In 1997, Theroux accepted a job as Lead Sculptor for HSC Scenic Construction in Minneapolis and spent a few years sculpting large-scale works for the themed entertainment and hotel industry. He also created small works freelancing for the gift and collectable industry. 

"Taking a break from sculpture in 2000, I began to paint landscapes in oils, and I haven’t put the brush down since. For over 16 years I've been pursuing a passion for painting and have sold many works through galleries, group and solo shows and studio crawls. I paint full time in my southern Minnesota studio overlooking the Wakpa Wakan (Ojibwe: Great Spirit River) a.k.a. Rum River near Minneapolis Minnesota."
From the urban landscape to the natural world I study the complex beauty inherent in the places and people that surround me. I take pleasure in exploring familiar concepts and connections we share through our experiences, our contact with one another and the earth we inhabit.

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